Hello, my name's Johanna, a 21 year old aspiring author and animator. I am the author of the little known fan fiction, motherbound. If you are into the MOTHER/Eathbound series I suggest you go take a look, or go check out my art/writing blog, where I stick all my original Ideas! Both links in the side bar.

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waiting for a light that never comes
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cuddling would be cool right now

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I don’t draw Nick enough. I don’t draw aliens enough. I don’t draw enough.


  • dont make fun of people who believe or practice in any spirituality
  • dont make fun of people who believe in ghosts/demons/spirits/etc.
  • dont make fun of people who believe in extraterrestrial beings
  • their beliefs arent harming you in the least why the fuck would you mock someone for what they believe in what kind of fucking scumbag are you
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#the shepherd

uh? uhh????
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— Me about everything (via frecklebott)
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